The one and only KINETIC SAND DinoXCavate

The one and only KINETIC SAND DinoXCavate

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Dig and discover dinosaur bones with the Kinetic Sand Dino XCavate!

Open your Dino crate with the 2-in-1 crowbar featuring a pickaxe and shovel. Pry open the lid and watch as the crate opens to reveal your black Kinetic sand! Dig through the sand to reveal 1 of 3 sets of dinosaur bones! Search for the hidden amber fossil treasure tool. There's 4 different fossils to collect! Fluff your sand and put the bones together to build your very own dinosaur. Feel like a real palaeontologist with the Kinetic Sand Dino XCavate! Uncover fossils to assemble a triceratops, stegosaurus, or tyrannosaurus rex!

Piece together your skeletons, explore your imagination and use them to play! Kinetic Sand is the original magical, mouldable and mesmerising sensory play sand. Better than arts and crafts modelling clay, it never dries out and cleans up easily, so you can play with Kinetic Sand for hours of tactile independent play. Let Kinetic Sand flow through your hands - it's so satisfying, you won't be able to put it down! Kinetic Sand for kids is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Bring home a realistic excavation experience with the Kinetic Sand Dino XCavate!

Product Details

  • Suitable for ages: 6+ years
  • Dimensions/Size: 100cm (L) x 75cm (H) x 50cm (W)
  • Material: Plastic and compound


  • Blind Box Assorted: You will receive one chest selected at random.
  • Kinetic Sand is the original, squeezable play sand kids love!
  • Fluff the sand, feel it flows through fingers like slow-moving liquid!
  • There are 3 different dinos to collect and build, and 4 treasures to find!
  • Discover the dinosaurs and feel like a palaeontologist!
  • Use the Dino Dig Playset's 2-in-1 pickaxe and shovel to pry open your mystery crate
  • Dig through the Kinetic Sand to uncover your dino bones!